Jo’s Biography

Who’s Jo ?

70’s KID I was born in Nottingham, England in 1970. From an early age I loved the arts and music (and was lucky enough to get regular doses of The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie) as I was growing up.
I was also a BIG water baby and from age 11 to 18, competed as an international swimmer for 7 years, including representing England in the Commonwealth Games and the European Championship finals – I was on sports TV too!

By age 20, following studies in art, music and photography, I chose a BA Hons in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic. Using my skills in product design and marketing, at age 24, I began co-directing a beautiful glass art business called ‘Spirit’.

My business partner had been a fashion photographer who I met when I used to be a sportswear model after my international swimming career. My creative work with him included contributing to the interior design of the shop premises, making one off pieces of glass art, managing a small team of artists, retail display and marketing. Andy was always my husband to be and we married in 2011. I am now involved with his business called A Room Full of Butterflies.

This hugely changed my life in 2010. I’m loving my role as Mum to James, our gorgeous son. He has taught me about love, patience and the miracle of life beyond what I ever imagined. What a journey.


Dance has been a great passion for the last 25 years. Communicating non-verbally via the body with incredible diversity on the dance floor is an essential part of my self expression and love for people’s authenticity and spirit. My experience as a free form dancer influences my approach to photography and making artwork.


As a second masters level degree, I studied for a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, an approach to well being that welcomes creative expression, the arts and holistic values. I enjoyed work in health information research for the NHS for a while and then decided to make a return to working full time in the arts, focusing on my love of photography.


When I engage in making photographs, I tune into my empathic, quiet witness looking to record what is beautiful, emotional and dynamic. I bring all of my well being and artistic experience to persue my love of experimenting with the impact of colour, texture, light, mood and composition in an image.


I celebrate that it’s not just my art that happens when I create a photograph, it’s the client’s too. I see photography as a relationship that involves being very sensitive to how comfortable people are with a camera, being gentle, non invasive yet encouraging clients to be fully present. I like to bring a sense of fun, experiment and offer as much permission for you to explore your creativity too.